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After a good deal of discussion, between the Committee, ZSEA and the management at Banham Zoo, and following a review of the 2018 exhibitions, it was agreed that the Natural World Art Society needs

to expand its horizons, to continue with its promotion of wildlife and

natural world art in the UK


As a result, from 2019, the Natural World Art Society will be looking at

other venues across the eastern counties, and further afield, to host its exhibitions, and the choice of subject for artworks will be widened.


At the AGM, it was agreed that:


We need to widen our subject appeal from just animals and wildlife to  anything that lives, breathes or grows!  This will make a huge difference

to artwork to be exhibited, as many members paint other subjects as well as animals!

Full details will be on any exhibition instructions sent out for the exhibitions.  Although we have many excellent artists whose work is amazing, we would like to see more animals or action paintings not just ‘passport-photo'  animal heads.  Last summer out of a total of 84 paintings, around 40 were heads only.  We will also be introducing a selection process to ensure standards are kept high.


More framed prints will be permitted in the exhibitions, to give potential buyers a wider range of economically priced artworks to choose from


The Committee will be looking at several possible new venues during 2019, with a view to exhibiting further afield from 2020 and onwards

From the AGM 2019 

Evening Badger  Christopher Bacon Elephant  Carol Cresswell Evening Light  Justso James Ridington DSCN7543 Forum 3 DSCN7529 DSCN7526

NWAS at the Forum, Norwich, 2017