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In September 2017, we learned that we would no longer be able

to use the Gallery inside the Zoo, as the building was needed for offices. We were offered a unit on the approach to the Zoo entrance, located next to the Garden Centre, and this building has proved

to be a perfect space to hold our Exhibitions and other events.


Although it is slightly smaller than our original Gallery, the space

is clean, bright and airy, and will allow us to display artworks

and sculptures to their best advantage.


Our next Exhibition will be held from Friday 25 May

to Sunday 10 June


The Gallery will be open on the evening of 25 May (in conjunction with the ZSEA Run for Wildlife) then daily during the Exhibition

from 10 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.  

Visitors will not need to purchase admsission to the Zoo,

and admission to the Gallery is free

Natural World Art Gallery

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