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Frances Sullivan

Frances' enthusiasm for and knowledge of horses shines through in her work. Detailed acrylic paintings depict each horse as an individual and as an Associate Member of the Society of Equestrian Artists Frances has had work regularly selected for their annual exhibitions in Newmarket and London.


Although Frances delights in painting all horses she is becoming increasingly well known for her works celebrating and raising awareness of the Suffolk Horse, a critically endangered East Anglian breed of heavy horse. Through her work Frances supports the Suffolk Punch Trust and the Suffolk Horse Society.


Frances also uses her keen observational skills for wildlife painting, having work selected regularly for the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art in Cheshire.


Frances' work may be seen widely throughout East Anglia: at the Norfolk and Suffolk County shows in their Art Marquees and in a travelling exhibition which she takes to country events and shows such as Euston Rural Pastimes and the Suffolk Horse Spectacular.


Cards and prints are also available.


Animal Portrait commissions accepted.

Please tel 07880 958609