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12 - 15 April                         A Celebration of Springtime -  Frances Sullivan artworks

                                                      (NWAS Gallery)

25 - 28 May                         Art of Farm and Countryside  (NWAS Gallery)

13 - 19 June                        Art of Living Things - a group of invited NWAS artists

                                                     (Quay Gallery, Snape Maltings, Suffolk)

2 August - 2 September      Members' Exhibition of natural world art  (NWAS Gallery)

30 September - 4 October   Exhibition of wildlife and the natural world art (The Forum, Norwich)




We are planning a series of events for 2018 and beyond, which will include sketching and photography reference days, both here at the Zoo and elsewhere, with the possibility of

external exhibitions in different venues.


Priority will be given to NWAS members for booking these events

Summer Exhibition 2019

Friday 2 August - Monday 2 September

Paintings, scupltures, prints and greetings cards by

some of the UK's leading wildlife artists



My Exhib Poster jpg (1) Lionfish   Vivienne Rainsbury Dscn8048 Dscn8061 DSCN7542 Suff Farm Exhib Poster 2