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David Cook

.For over sixty years I have drawn, painted and been fascinated with paper. I studied at the Medway College of Art and the Regent Street Polytechnic.


My experience at Country Life Magazine and as a research and scientific photographer is reflected in the design, realistic approach and meticulous detail in my art. Various examples – including paper sculpture and paper cutting, in which I am self taught – are included in collections world-wide.


Working with the scientists at The Cumberland Pencil Company, for over twenty-five years I have helped invent, evaluate and promote all Derwent art products in America, Canada and Japan as well as in Britain – writing articles, a book and making three videos too.


Winning awards myself, I now encourage others by creating and sponsoring annual drawing awards.


My contributions to pencil art was rewarded in 2008 by being presented to Her Majesty the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.



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