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To find out more about how to take part in our next exhibition

please email us using the link below




(We will endeavour to reply to your email within 48hrs)


You can also telephone the Secretary, on 07999 895155


If you would like to contact any of our artists, with a view to purchasing

a painting, or commissioning an artwork,

please get in touch with NWAS via the links above


We also welcome enquiries from wildlife supporters and art lovers

who may not wish to exhibit but would like to help in other ways, or volunteer for stewarding duties during our Exhibitions.


You can also find news and updates about our activities

on our Facebook page






contact NWAS Bird Lamp, Ruth Straughan, £98 Barn Owl, Sally Wibrew, £300 Elephant, Christopher Bacon, £295 Half a Crown, Marianne Nightingale, £285 Watching for Mum, Frances Sullivan, £165 Winter Fox, Carol Cresswell, £250 What's Up, Justso James Ridington, £135 Egret, Vivienne Rainsbury, £60 Evening Flight, Lorraine Auton, £295 Protective Mother, Helen Rawlings, £925 Puma, Shirley Hayes, £75 Proud Stallion. Brie Wharf, £65