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Carol Bonsor

      Warwickshire based Carol first turned to painting in 2007, after attending a Vic Bearcroft workshop, as a therapeutic means to dealing with the stresses of working as a Clinical Sister  and Emergency Nurse Practitioner in a busy A&E Department.


She took a two year break from painting in 2009 due to illness, but with the support and encouragement from Vic and more recently Jamie Boots, Carol has rekindled her passion for wildlife painting.

Working in pastel and graphite Carol works from her collection of photographs, which have been collected from the several hours spent at local wildlife centres and zoos.


Thanks to the guidance, support and encouragement of Vic and Jamie, whom she regards as friends rather than mentors, and most importantly her husband Keith, Carol will be taking part in several wildlife exhibitions this year and once again with the Natural World Art Group.


Tel: 07853410903

Email: carol.bonsor@tesco.net

Website: www.carolspastelpets.co.uk

Day Dreamer by Carol Bonsor copy