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The Natural World Art Society ( NWAS )


We are an art society whose membership includes professional and amateur artists  

who have a passion for wildlife, conservation and wildlife art.


We hold regular exhibitions at our home Gallery at Banham Zoo, Norfolk.  

The Art Gallery, which is located on the approach to the main entrance at the Zoo,

is our new home, continuing the association we have had with Banham Zoo and ZSEA for the past twenty years.

Admission to our Gallery is free of charge, and there is no need

to purchase admission to the Zoo


The Natural World Art Group (NWAG) was created in 1998 by a group of established East Anglian artists  

with the aim of encouraging fellow artists and new talent to discover the zoo and its animal residents,

make use of the facilities it can provide and utilise the resource. 

Following our Summer Exhibition in 2017, when we were offered a new gallery space

outside the Zoo entrance,  the decision was made to change the name to the

Natural World Art Society (NWAS)


NWAS is managed by a small volunteer committee of local artists who stage annual art exhibitions within the zoo. Funds raised from commission on the sales of work

directly support the activities of the Zoological Society of East Anglia (ZSEA) 

and has raised over £50,000 to date


ZSEA is active in wildlife conservation at both its widlife parks                      

and assists with funding conservation projects in the wild.






NWAS is now established as one of the leading wildlife art groups in the UK

We welcome all ‘wildlife and the living world’ artists to participate,

from novice to seasoned professional, whether locally based or from further afield.


You can download a copy of  the NWAS Constitution

by clicking on the link below














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